Automotive Diagnostics Online Courses

AZscanners has partnered with Prodiags to offer students, organisations and schools in Australia and New Zealand a number of short automotive diagnostics online courses. These online - study at your own pace -& courses offer a great value for automotive professionals looking to develop their knowledge in a specific area. Learning modules cover a number of essential subjects from Engine & Drivetrain, Chassis & Brakes and Electricity to Workshop Safety, Maintenance and Identification of Hand Tools, etc. 


After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you can print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.

Note: Certificate provided are not considered as license to trade!

Corporate Training & Educational Programs

AZscanners can help you create a tailored training program for your employees and students using Prodiags systems. This allows training managers and automotive education providers to create their own managed learning environment where teaching and training is managed by teachers / trainers and administrators with a possibility of full LMS integration. To learn more about corporate/group training accounts contact our sales team for more information. 

Available courses


Learn about electrical safety when working on hybrid- or electric vehicles. Learn about possible hazard situation with hybrid and electric vehicles, and how to make them safe for working on.Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology

There are many dangers concerning working on electric and hybrid vehicles. To make sure you are safe, you have to know the basics of the different systems and how to find the recent information about a specific model. Electrical safety is key when working on EV and HEV. With this training model you learn how to perform your work correctly and safely.

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Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting Basics

Checking the function and operational preconditions of an electrical component is applying electrical engineering knowledge at its finest. In addition to electrical engineering you should be able to “read” electrical circuit diagrams and perform measurements with the correct equipment. Being successful in the troubleshooting requires, amongst other things, proper use and understanding of the oscilloscope.

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What is the difference between static wheel imbalance and dynamic wheel imbalance? Learn how checking wheel balance is done, and how to make sure your customer is satisfied with the service. Get to know the tire changing machine, the wheel balancing machine and other special tools needed.Tyres, Rims, and Tyre Work

When working on the vehicle’s tyres and carrying out seasonal changing of tyres, you need to know the technical characteristics of tyres and wheel rims. You need to be in possession of proper inspection and mounting/dismounting skills, and you need to be able to advise the customer in safe operation and follow-up procedures.

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Brake Service and Maintenance

Brake service and repair is probably one of the most common additional jobs that are linked in connection to the interval service. Every mechanic has to master the basics of brake servicing and be able to perform it on different brake system structures, be this an older passenger car or a new electric car.

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Charging System and Starter Batteries

The vehicle’s electrical systems are all interconnected via electric power management, i.e. through the battery and charging system. Checking the battery and the charging system’s condition is always the starting point for all troubleshooting in other electrical systems.

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Electronics and electrical components are a central part of electric circuits. Resistors, diodes, leds, thyristors, transistors and microcircuits can be found almost everywhere in a vehicle. A mechanic has to understand the function of the components and circuits, to be able to perform troubleshooting.

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Starting and Start-Stop System

Understanding the Starter System’s function and control circuit is essential for a mechanic when troubleshooting a vehicle that won’t start. Newer vehicles also has a Start-Stop function, which reduces emissions and noise.

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Workshop Safety

The study of occupational safety in the automotive sector is aimed specifically at new car workers and students. Introducing occupational safety to industry-specific objects and special requirements makes studying truly effective and meaningful even if you don’t have years of work experience.

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Workshop Waste Sorting and Recycle

The maintenance workshop and the brands it represents should treat the recycling of waste and working in an environmental friendly way as a very important aspect of its business. Success in sorting and recycling is only as good as the skills of the lowest skilled staff. As a result, at the individual level, the expertise in sorting and recycling garage waste is key to operations. Waste sorting and recycling also has strong economic grounds.

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Learn how common rail works with this online training module. With this online training module you have the information about common rail injection at your fingertips, when you need it. Learn about the construction and function of the common rail injection system.Common Rail Fuel System

This online training module in common rail technology takes you through the systems function and construction. It presents to you the common rail direct injection advantages, and teaches you the basics of common rail troubleshooting and diagnostics. Learn more with this online training module, and become a diesel injection expert.

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Learn the basic laws of electricity with this training module. You will learn how electricity works, what’s the difference between watts, volts and ohms, and how to measure these with a multimeter.Electricity

In this study module we repeat the basic overview of electrical engineering and have added information on the use of a multimeter for you to learn. With the know-how from this module, you can apply electrical engineering skills in the first practical tasks.

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Learn the important steps in performing maintenance services on vehicles, and how to ensure customer satisfaction. What to do when, and in what order should the steps be done? Learn this and more with this vehicle maintenance service training module.Maintenance Service

What is included in performing a service on a vehicle? How do you perform the different work steps? How to ensure that the customer leaves the workshop satisfied? Learn this, and much more, with this training module for everybody in the vehicle industry. Knowing the basics of performing services is a crucial thing when working in a workshop. With this maintenance mechanic training you learn the correct order of the worksteps to be effective at you work, and ensure that you are doing a proper job.

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Learn about the construction and function of the Toyota Prius PHEV with this online training module. Learn what the different components are doing, and what you need to know about operating the vehicle.HV Vehicle Technologies – Toyota Prius PHEV 2014

Learn the basics behind the 2014 Toyota Prius PHEV with this online training module. Learn what you need to know about the construction of the vehicle, and how to find the recent manufacturer instructions for servicing and repairing the vehicle.

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Manufacturers use multiple different technologies to deal with the harmful components of diesel exhaust gases. Learn more about the technology, for example EGR and DPF, with this online diesel exhaust technology training module.Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology

Diesel exhaust gas technology is full of abbreviations. What do you know about EGR, DPF, SCR, etc? Learn everything you need to know about these technologies and become an expert in the field with this online training module. Learn how the systems work, and how to diagnose them in case of a possible fault. Learn the right ways of repairing and servicing these systems with this online training module for mechanics.

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Improve your troubleshooting skills with this automotive diagnostic training. This eobd/obd training module teaches you everything you need to know about vehicle on-board self diagnostics. Learn the difference between different scanner types, and become a better technician today with this online obd training module.EOBD/OBD-II Self-diagnostics

If you want to develop your own diagnostic skills and perform diagnostics, you will need to know the structure and function of EOBD/OBD-II Self-Diagnostics. This study course is for you if you want to make the most effective use of OBD-standard diagnostics. You will learn a lot of new things even if manufacturer’s OEM diagnostics is already familiar to you.

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This online training module provides you with knowledge of basic automotive maintenance, and is a brilliant automotive beginner’s guide. The training is suitable for both new and experienced drivers. Learn how to take care of your car, and how to inspect your vehicle.Light Vehicle Proactive Maintenance

You are involved in class B driving instruction, giving a young person driving instruction, and you would like to learn how to maintain your vehicle in a good condition and avoid future problems, you are interested in cars or you are new student in the automotive sector, this module has been developed for you to achieve these goals.

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How does TPMS work? Learn the TPMS operating principle with this online training module for mechanics who may come across vehicles with TPMS systems. Learn the basics in TPMS maintenance and repairs, and become a tire pressure monitoring system expert.Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Do you know the difference between indirect tire pressure monitoring systems and direct tire pressure monitoring systems? Do you know where to begin the troubleshooting if a customer complains about TPMS malfunctions? Learn this and much more in this online training module about TPMS.

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