Single Brand OBD Scanners

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Single Brand OBD Scanners offer a great way to do multi system diagnostics on a single or multiple car brands. Why spend on all cars professional scanner if you only need it for 1-3 brands?

Single Brand OBD Scanners

Depending on the scan tool capability and the vehicle you want to diagnose, you may be able to:

  • Full system diagnostics on all sensors and systems to read/clear fault codes\
  • Live data stream on multiple sensors. Display 2 sensors to see the relations, save and reply data
  • Perform a number of maintenance service reset tests including Oil, EPB, SAS, DPF, Injector and many more
  • Some our single make scan tools can do advanced coding & programming for those who want the full capability
  • Compatible with Australian cars with option to include older OBD1, MUT or ALDL Holden systems

Our single brand OBD2 scan tools are perfect choice for home mechanic, specialised workshops and dealers looking for professional diagnostics capability without having to invest in an All Cars OBD Scan Tools.