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Explore Vident scan tools at AZscanners, the ideal choice for mobile mechanics, home mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts. Offering powerful diagnostic capabilities for majority of car brands in Australia covering both single and multiple brand scan tools.
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FAQs - Vident Scan Tools


1. How do Vident scan tools perform with Australian-specific vehicles like Holden and Ford?

Vident scan tools are renowned for their excellent coverage of Australian-specific vehicles, including Holden and Ford. They provide comprehensive diagnostics, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness for a wide range of models.

2. Why should I buy Vident scan tools from AZscanners?

Vident scan tools at AZscanners are equipped with Australian-specific software and come with a local support and warranty. Purchasing the AU version ensures access to software updates and bug fixes tailored for the Australian market, offering an advantage over tools from other sellers.

3. Are Vident scan tools suitable for mobile mechanics?

Absolutely. Vident scan tools are the perfect choice for mobile mechanics, offering portability and a wide range of maintenance reset functions like battery registration, injector coding, and ABS bleeding. Their comprehensive coverage for vehicles, from older models to recent ones, makes them invaluable for on-the-go diagnostics.

4. Are there Vident tools tailored for both professional workshops and DIY car enthusiasts?

Yes, Vident's range includes options for all levels of expertise, from professional-grade scanners with extensive functionalities to user-friendly devices perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

5. How comprehensive is the vehicle coverage of Vident tools?

Vident tools boast extensive coverage, supporting a wide array of car brands, including special focus on Australian favorites like Holden and Ford. This ensures reliable diagnostics for a vast range of vehicles, from classic cars to the latest models.

6. Can I update my Vident scan tool with the latest Australian vehicle data?

Yes, Vident provides timely updates to include the latest diagnostic data for new Australian vehicle models and makes, ensuring your tool remains current and highly functional.

7. What support does AZscanners offer for Vident tool users in Australia?

AZscanners offers dedicated local support for all Vident tool users, including technical assistance, warranty services, and guidance on feature utilization specific to Australian vehicles.

About Vident

Vident is a leading automotive diagnostic brand, renowned for its exceptional Australian coverage, particularly for Holden and Ford scan tools and diagnostic software. With a focus on innovative solutions tailored to the needs of mobile mechanics, home mechanics, and DIY enthusiasts, Vident offers a comprehensive range of powerful tools designed for both single-brand and multi-brand diagnostics. Their products stand out for their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use, making vehicle diagnostics more accessible and efficient. Committed to advancing automotive diagnostic technology, Vident continuously updates its offerings to include the latest advancements, ensuring compatibility with a wide spectrum of car brands and providing invaluable support to the automotive community.