Professional Bi-Directional Scan Tools

Elevate your workshop's diagnostic capabilities with advanced bi-directional scan tools. Offering active testing, coding, and extensive vehicle coverage providing in-depth insights and precise control over vehicle systems.
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Bi-Directional Diagnostics & Coding

Enhance Your Diagnostics with Advanced Bi-Directional Capabilities

Step up your automotive diagnostics with AZscanners' range of professional bi-directional scan tools. Designed to bridge the gap between basic diagnostics and comprehensive vehicle management, our tools offer unparalleled depth in system analysis and troubleshooting, making them indispensable for modern workshops.

Unlock the Full Potential of Vehicle Diagnostics

Our bi-directional scan tools go beyond standard code reading, offering active testing and coding functionalities essential for today's sophisticated vehicles. Enjoy features that allow you to command vehicle components, perform system tests, and execute advanced programming, ensuring you can tackle even the most complex diagnostics and repairs with ease.

Benefits of Buying Bi-Directional Scan Tools


Active Testing: Directly interact with and test various vehicle systems and components in real-time, providing immediate diagnostic insights.

Advanced Coding: Modify system parameters, adapt new components, and customise vehicle settings to suit specific needs or upgrades.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our tools boast extensive Australian and international vehicle compatibility, ensuring you're equipped for any challenge.

In-Depth Diagnostics: Access detailed information on all electronic systems within the vehicle, from engine and transmission to ABS, airbags, and beyond.

FAQs on Advanced Diagnostic Tools


1. What sets bi-directional scan tools apart from standard OBD scanners?

Bi-directional tools offer active command capabilities, allowing you to send commands to the vehicle for testing purposes, and perform advanced coding and programming, setting them apart from read-only devices.

2. Can these tools perform coding and programming on all vehicle systems?

While capabilities vary by model, our bi-directional tools are designed to cover a wide range of system programming and coding functions, from engine and transmission to advanced driver-assistance systems.

3. Are these scan tools suitable for my workshop?

Whether you're servicing a diverse vehicle fleet or specialising in specific brands, our bi-directional scan tools are equipped to provide the comprehensive diagnostics and active testing capabilities modern workshops require.

4. How do I choose the right bi-directional tool for my needs?

Consider the types of vehicles you service and the level of diagnostics you need. Our team at AZscanners is here to guide you to the ideal tool for your workshop's requirements.