Multi System OBD Scanners

Unlock advanced diagnostics with our Multi-System OBD Scan Tools, designed for comprehensive vehicle system checks. From Engine to ABS, SRS, Gearbox and more, our OBD scanners cater to a variety of protocols ensuring wide compatibility and functionality.
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Comprehensive Multi-System OBD Scan Tools

Ultimate Diagnostic Versatility for Every Need

Delve into the realm of advanced diagnostics with AZscanners' Multi-System OBD scanners, tailored to meet diverse diagnostic needs across single, multiple, or all-brand vehicle coverage. Perfectly suited for professionals and enthusiasts alike, our tools offer unparalleled flexibility to match your specific requirements and budget.

Master Every Vehicle System with Ease

Equip your workshop with the capability to access, diagnose, and monitor sensors from a multitude of ECU's across various vehicle systems including Engine, ABS, SRS, and Transmission. Our scanners go beyond traditional diagnostics, providing comprehensive insights into body and chassis systems, live data streaming, VIN identification for swift diagnostics, and detailed ECU information.

Key Features of Our Multi-System Scan Tools


Wide Vehicle Coverage: From popular Australian cars to international models, our tools support OBD2, OBD1 protocols, ensuring broad compatibility.

Advanced Diagnostic Functions: Our range extends beyond basic fault code reading, offering additional functions like Oil Reset, EPB, DPF, TPMS, and SAS adjustments.

Professional Capabilities: For those requiring more, our bi-directional scan tools offer coding and programming capabilities, making them ideal for complex diagnostic tasks.

FAQs on Advanced Diagnostic Tools


1. How do Multi-System OBD scanners differ from basic OBD tools?

Multi-System scanners provide comprehensive diagnostics across various vehicle systems, not just the engine, making them ideal for thorough vehicle checks and maintenance.

2. Can these tools diagnose issues across different car brands?

Yes, our scanners are designed for versatile use, covering a wide range of car brands and models, including specialized Australian vehicle compatibility.

3. What additional functions do these scanners offer?

Beyond standard diagnostics, our tools support functions like Oil Reset, EPB, DPF regeneration, and more, enhancing their utility in advanced automotive care.

4. Are bi-directional capabilities available in all multi-system scanners?

Bi-directional functionality is featured in select high-end models, providing active testing and programming options for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics.