Can I Delete The DPF on my Vehicle?

Date Posted:14 July 2022 

DPF Delete


As a prominent OBD scan tool seller in the Australian market, a common request we often get from customers is ‘Do you have a scan tool to delete DPF on my vehicle?’. Let’s just set things clear from the start, the answer to this question 100% of the time is no. So, a short article here exploring: 
•    What is a DPF?
•    Why were they introduced? 
•    Why do people want to delete their DPF?
•    Why you shouldn’t delete it

What is a DPF & why were they introduced?

DPF stands for Diesel Particular Filter and it’s a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot, with the main goal of reducing emissions produced by diesel cars. Due to the DPF system only having a relatively small capacity, the trapped soot has to be periodically emptied/disposed of, which occurs during a DPF burn/regeneration. 

Why do people want to delete their DPF?

Many believe that a DPF (especially when clogged), affects the airflow and delays the exhaust process together with the engine’s performance. In addition to this, there have been reports across Australia of stubble fires being caused by DPFs, with many farmers now unwilling to take utes with DPFs fitted, particularly over grassy areas. 

Why you shouldn’t delete your DPF?

DPFs became mandatory in Australia in 2016 with the introduction of Euro 5 emissions standards. As a result of these government regulations, a failure to comply can potentially result in hefty fines, as well as affecting your vehicle’s insurance and warranty. The legal way of driving a vehicle with no DPF is to purchase a model that was built before the introduction of the emissions standards (pre-2016).


A very short piece here really trying to highlight the consequences you could face by illegally deleting your DPF. Our advice is first and foremost if you have a vehicle fitted with a DPF, do not remove it. If this is something you're concerned about then opt for a vehicle manufactured before the Euro5 regulations were introduced. 

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