OBD2 Gauges & Monitors

OBD2 Gauges can scan engine data from your car's ECU and display as real-time digital gauges. OBD2 gauges can include trip, performance, speed, fuel, temperature and pressure sensors. You can also scan your engine for fault codes with ability to read and clear the fault code. Some OBD2 gauges also have the ability to log trip data, distance travelled, fuel used and cost and everything in between. 

For additional gauges outside the standard engine system, ScanGauge 2 offers the exclusive X-Gauge feature which allows the programming of additional OBD Gauges from other sensors including Transmission temperature, EGT, DPF soot and many more. Depending on the car make and model, you maybe able to add a number of available X-Gauges without extra charge. 

A great way to keep your eye on the most important parameters in your car for efficient and safer driving. 

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