Elevate your 4x4 and off-road adventures or long road trips with ScanGauge. This OBD Gauge not only provides vital diagnostics but also enhances your journey with real-time performance data, ensuring you stay informed and safe, no matter where you go.
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About ScanGauge


ScanGauge stands out in the realm of automotive OBD gauges with its compact design and multifunctional capabilities. This innovative tool provides critical data at a glance, including real-time fuel economy, engine diagnostics, and more, making it an essential gadget for both casual drivers and automotive enthusiasts. With its plug-and-play functionality, ScanGauge delivers instant access to a wealth of vehicle information, helping you to maintain optimal performance and extend the life of your vehicle.

Key Features:

Real-Time Data: Monitor crucial parameters like fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, transmission temperature and more, ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently.

Diagnostics: Quickly diagnose and clear trouble codes, keeping your engine light in check and avoiding costly trips to the mechanic.

Trip Data: Use multiple built-in Trip Computers with automatic trip-start feature. Keep track of everything from fuel cost, to distance traveled, and everything in between.

Performance Monitoring: Track vital performance metrics such as horsepower, torque, and 0-60 times to fine-tune your driving and vehicle setup.

Easy Installation: With its user-friendly, plug-and-play setup, ScanGauge integrates seamlessly into your vehicle's OBD-II port, requiring no professional installation.

FAQs - ScanGauge


1. Is ScanGauge compatible with my vehicle?

ScanGauge-3 and ScanGauge-2 are compatible with most OBD-II vehicles. The ScanGauge-D and ScanGauge-KR are suitable for a wide range of heavy diesel vehicles including trucks, buses and agricultural machiniries using J1939 and J1708 OBD protocols.

2. Can I install ScanGauge myself?

Yes, ScanGauge's plug-and-play setup allows for easy self-installation, connecting directly to the OBD-II port.

3. What kind of data can ScanGauge provide?

It offers real-time insights on fuel efficiency, engine performance, and diagnostics to aid in smarter vehicle maintenance.

4. How can ScanGauge improve my fuel efficiency?

ScanGauge provides feedback on driving patterns and vehicle performance, enabling adjustments for better fuel economy.

5. Can ScanGauge monitor transmission temperatures?

Yes, it can track transmission temperatures, vital for maintaining transmission health and preventing potential issues.

6. What is the XGauge feature on ScanGauge?

XGauge allows for custom gauge programming to monitor additional data specific to your vehicle, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.