Multi System OBD Scanners Tools

Our Multi System OBD scanners are available in single, multiple or all brand vehicle coverage making it easier for you to choose the right tool for your requirements and budget. 

OBD Scanners Main Functions

  • Access, Diagnose and Monitor sensors from various ECU's on the vehicle including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and many other body and chassis systems.
  • Read, Save and Replay Sensors Live Data
  • VIN Identification on most modern cars for quick diagnosis
  • Retrieves ECU information, displays freeze frame data, Oxygen Sensor test, component test
  • And more.

All our OBD Scanners offer excellent Australian cars compatibility. Our range can cover most systems including OBD2, OBD1 & ALDL protocols to diagnose a number of systms and perform additional functions from Oil Reset, EPB, DFP, TPMS, SAS to professional bi-directional scan tools with coding and programming capability.

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