OBD2 Code Readers & Engine Scanners

OBD2 code readers and scanners are the perfect choice for entry level or if you're just looking for an affordable OBD2 scan tool to quickly and easily diagnose & monitor engine/fuel system sensors on any OBDII compatible car

OBD Code Readers Main Functions

  • Quickly diagnose Engine fault codes and know why your CHECK Engine light is on
  • Clear CHECK ENGINE light
  • Monitor engine sensor live data
  • I/M Readiness 
  • Oxygen Sensor Test, On-board Monitor Test and Component Test

If you're after a tool that covers more systems like ABS, Airbag, Body, Gear etc, check our Multi System Scan Tools for more options. 

If you have any questions regarding which OBD scanner is best for your need, please contact our support team. 

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